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"315 Martinis and Tapas in Spokane Gives Birthday Members 50% Off of Their Check "
Spokane, WA – 315 Martinis and Tapas has joined GoDine Spokane, a company that has created a network of quality restaurants and passionate entrepreneurs. This network allows for GoDine Members to get great food at fantastic prices. Aiming to be America’s Premier Dining Club, GoDine offers members 50% off their check (up to $25 savings) every time that they dine out at any GoDine “premier” restaurant. Their members receive fabulous value from many dining choices and in turn the restaurants receive loyal foodies in their seats.
For those that are not yet ready to join the club, or are interested in simply seeing how it works and the options available to them, can join the GoDine Birthday Club for free without any strings attached. Since 315 Martinis and Tapas is a member of GoDine, Birthday members are eligible to get their birthday dinner 50% off of their check up to $25. Simply fill out the form on the GoDine Birthday Club page and submit to join the Birthday Club. After, an email will be sent from GoDine explaining how the club works.
GoDine has started in Spokane, and is coming to many cities across America soon. As a GoDine member, for as little as $29.98 per month, one will never save less than 25% and up to $25 savings when dining at any GoDine “premier” or “partner” restaurant. If somebody is thinking about becoming a member, they should consider if they dine out often and if they would like to save money.
To learn more about GoDine and to join the club, visit their website at
Then, search their listings of registered restaurants in Spokane and choose where to dine. Finally, show the digital membership to the server, and enjoy a meal for up to 50% off to $25 savings at any GoDine “premier” restaurants and 25% off up to $25 savings at any GoDine “partner” restaurants.
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