The Movement Family Celebrates 10 Years with Anniversary Dinner

September 14, 2021

TMF, a grassroots program that helps those who are struggling find a sense of community, will hold a celebratory dinner, recognizing some of its key members.

LAWRENCE, MA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / -- The Movement Family, a groundbreaking and grassroots program that helps those who are struggling find a sense of community, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 18th with a commemorative dinner and by recognizing some of its outstanding members.

Launched as a way to create a second family for those who might need it the most, The Movement Family (TMF) started from scratch in 2011 through the hard work of its founder, Michael Gorman, after he graduated high school and saw that many of his peers needed a sense of belonging and purpose.

Beginning humbly with inaugural fundraising of a carwash, a basketball tournament, and a yard sale, TMF has since blossomed into an organization that has counted roughly 375 members through its decade of existence. Ten of them will be honored Wednesday during the sold-out anniversary dinner at The Claddagh in Lawrence, which 240 people are expected to attend.

“In 2011, we had no building, no money, nobody guiding us what to do. It was a bunch of 18-year-old members who decided to create something special and support each other, believe in each other, and keep each other on the straight and narrow,” said Michael Gorman. “And ten years later, it’s going to be a very heartfelt night, to say the least.”

Gorman, who founded TMF as an 18-year-old recent graduate of Methuen High School, called the anniversary dinner a celebration not only of the organization’s accomplishments, but of the individuals who have contributed to it. The anniversary dinner will feature a movie highlighting those who have participated, speeches from three TMF members about how the program has impacted their lives, and an awards ceremony for 10 standout TMF members.

Additionally, the evening will feature a raffle, a silent auction, and a deejay, with basketballs signed by several professional players available through the auction. The event will be livestreamed, with a $25 pay-per-view fee. And it will serve as the formal launch of the organization’s website,

Initially a four-month program before transitioning to a full-year schedule in 2015, TMF started with a three-mile run three days a week, with speed and conditioning two other days, building motivation and determination among members, using the old “Bus Loop” at Methuen High School as their meetup spot.

The group advanced to holding a dinner for the homeless in Lawrence, MA, with about 100 people in attendance and some getting Treatment as a result. The dinners for the homeless now take place once a week, every Wednesday, in the parking lot at 2 S Broadway, Lawrence.

“What The Movement Family has done in 10 years is truly indescribable,” said Richard Barden, Principal of Methuen High School. “The number of people they’ve helped, both members and non-members, is inspiring. I coached Michael Gorman when he played basketball in high school, and he was always a point guard who could see the whole floor. But to execute on a vision like this is above and beyond.”

Michael Gorman is available for interviews, and the TMF Anniversary Dinner will provide both video and photographic opportunities for members of the media.

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