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"Come Clean My Fish Tank Attends Reef A Palooza Show"
Orange County, CA - A fish tank service company in Southern California has announced that they have attended the Annual Reef A Palooza Show in Orange County, CA. The annual show, which took place on November 19 and 20, was very well attended. As the largest event in the saltwater aquarium industry, the company has indicated that attending the event was both educational and fun.

Casey Cortright from the fish tank service company Come Clean My Fish Tank says: "Attending the Reef a Palooza was an opportunity for us to network with a wealth of individuals. We attracted new clients and also made contact with other businesses that complement our own. We hope to be able to attend the next Reef a Palooza as well, which will take place in May 2017."

Come Clean my Fish Tank is a company that helps people in their efforts to keep fish tanks. Originally, they started to help those who found it difficult to keep their livestock healthy and their aquarium free of algae. However, they quickly evolved into offering services to those who struggled in maintaining their fish tanks and those who simply didn't have time to do it.

Today, the company is famous for helping people have the kind of aquarium that they want, regardless of their personal skills and abilities. They offer not just maintenance services, but also overall design and installation. Additionally, they provide advice, information, and guidance on aquarium-related issues, including coral.
"During the Reef A Palooza, we provided some really cool handouts on Bam Corals," adds Casey Cortright. "We spent two days in booth 217 and had a huge number of visitors interested in our pieces. Most of all, we had such a fantastic time talking with and learning from fellow fish tank enthusiasts. It really was an amazing event and we can't wait till next year."

This year's Reef a Palooza event was particularly well attended. In fact, one complaint the event organizers received was that there were so many people that it was almost impossible to move around. Many people commented on the fact that there was such a great variety of products and information available.

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