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"HIKING Concrete Laser Concrete Screed Machine is More Than Just Good Quality And A Good Price"
Shandong, China - Shandong HIKING Machinery Co., Ltd. Is the only high-tech enterprise in China that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services into concrete laser positioning and leveling. With strong professional knowledge and years of research and development experience, HIKING has become the first high-tech enterprise in China to independently develop laser positioning screening.
Laser Concrete Screed for sale This concrete polishing, concrete leveling and positioning, and concrete laser screed technology combines the International advanced technology design of Germany along with the products and parts from top brands in Europe, America, and Japan. Therefore, the laser concrete screen technology is top of the line, accurate, and durable in order to ensure the most precise and practical functions. Their systems and products have been widely used in various large enterprise workshops and floor projects in the country, and have been highly recognized by its vast number of users.
For those that are interested in integrating this new technology into their work systems, it comes in high demand. Sunny Jiang, HIKING’s experienced Sales Manager, says that “Because the leveling effect and quality of our screed is high quality and at a great price, the machine is in great demand all over the world”.
Laser Concrete Screed for sale The concrete laser screed and other high-tech products produced by Shandong HIKING Machinery Co., Ltd. have set a precedence for the new processes for concrete floor ground construction. Some of these other new technologies include a building floor machine, four-drive concrete laser screed and ride-type trowel, etc. These new high-tech products combined with the news construction process can reduce the high-strength labor by about 60%, save about 50% of the construction cost, shorten the construction period by about 50%, and increase the strength and compactness of the floor by about 25%.
Those who want to learn more about laser concrete screeds created by HIKING Machinery Co., please visit their website or watch their YouTube video on their laser screed for sale.
About Shandong HIKING Machinery Co., Ltd.: Shandong HIKING Machinery Co., Ltd. is the only high-tech enterprise in China that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services, while specializing in concrete laser positioning and leveling. The company is located in Yanzhou, China and has more than fifty team members of technical personnel, R&D Engineers, and service experts. HIKING is a people oriented, technology-leading company that is integrated in management and striving to help create top brands in the world. They persistently and consistently provide customers with reliable products and services for join development and creation of wonderful achievements.
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