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"One-of-a-Kind Italian Emoticon App Offers Upgraded Version"
(Bari, Italy) — Gesticon is a unique mobile app that allows users to immerse themselves in witty explanations and animated emoticons of traditional Italian gestures. Designed to represent and educate on the essence of Italian body language, Gesticon presents users with translations of popular gestures as well as a keyboard download for use of emoticons in messaging apps. Gesticon is the first and only keyboard application that introduces the great tradition of Italian gestures worldwide. The app will be launching an updated 2.0 version on January 31, 2017 and will be available as a free download for a limited time after release. While the current version of Gesticon is a simple keyboard app, the new version boasts a user-friendly design as well as sticker pack availability on iMessage.

“Italians have always been speaking with their hands, and have long been known for their refined use of gestures in verbal and non-verbal communication,” app designer Michele Pansini said. “Our recently released app, Gesticon, brings this heritage to the digital era, enabling everybody to use these gestures on their iPhones.”

After the release, the keyboard and sticker pack will be available for purchase together at the low price of $1.00. After Gesticon has been downloaded once, users will have access to unlimited free updates with regular new content. The keyboard is functional in a multitude of messaging apps including iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more. The app can be found in the Apple app store. After download, Gesticon walks the user through the set up process to use the Italian gesture emoticons as a keyboard. This will enable the best part of the Gesticon app – the ability to send and receive Italian gesture emoticons that both native and non-native Italian speakers can understand.

Background: Gesticon was originally developed in true Italian style as a family project. Italian medical doctor Michele Pansini paired up with his web developer and IOS app specialist brother-in-law Kristian Jokela in 2015. With Michele’s passion for technology and communication, and Kristian’s marketing expertise, Gesticon was born. Together they created the app as a way for anyone to communicate with expressive Italian gestures through instant messaging.
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