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"Pizza Rita joins America’s Premier Dining Club and Offers 50% off of All Dining Experiences in Spokane, Washington"
Spokane, WA – Pizza Rita officially joined GoDine Dining Club. As part of the club, Pizza Rita now offers 50% off of the check to all GoDine members every single time they dine in to the restaurant (up to $25).
As enjoyable as it is, dining out as often as people want can get very expensive. So in 2014, GoDine set out to find a way to help people to dine out more often while at the same time helping restaurants. The restaurant industry currently deals with the decade’s old challenge of filling their seats throughout the week days just as they do during the weekends. And that’s where GoDine was born.
GoDine created a system where members pay a reasonable monthly membership fee to receive a benefit that makes eating out more often affordable and irresistible. For this reason, Pizza Rita wanted to join GoDine Club in order to give their regular customers the chance to be able to eat out at their establishment whenever they want at a highly discounted rate.
Citizens in Spokane are among some of the first participants able to take advantage of this offer as GoDine is growing rapidly and expanding to other cities. As a GoDine member, for as little as $29.98 per month, members will never save less than 25% and up to $25 savings when they dine at any GoDine “premier” or “partner” restaurant. If somebody is thinking about becoming a member, they should consider if they dine out often and are always looking for coupons or deals to Pizza Rita among many others.
To learn more about GoDine and to join the club, visit their website at
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